Trade for AJ Green help

The owner of AJ Green is in last place and in need of well anything.
I was thinking of giving Diggs and ingram or White, ingram and Golladay

My team:
wr: AB, DIggs, Cooper, Golladay, Callaway,
RBs: Cook, Ingram, DJ, Breida, White, Thompson

Let me know any good packages

I personally think you’d be giving up too much in diggs and Ingram… I’d more so go with white, golladay, and breida

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Yea i was thinking of ur second trade it makes sense also. It’s just that the people in my league value their players very high and want alot for like every week wr1 or rb1. But yea thanks ill send this and post my celebration or failure who knows.

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I really love diggs. I think season long, he does beat out Thielen ROS if healthy but I will admit Theilen is doing much better than I had originally thought. I don’t think the ROS gap between diggs and AJ is massive. Definitely prefer AJ though.

If you’re doing a 2 for 1, I’d try and sell high on White and use him or Breida over the others.

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You never know till you send the offer… at the beginning of the year when Ajayi scored two TD’s week one I traded him and Kupp for Fournette… it was a steal until fournette had his injury woes… lol.

The deal you’re offering though is very reasonable. Diggs to me is also an every week starter with WR1 upside. Not like you’re giving him trash for his stud. Diggs in my view is a stud as well. Honestly last week, he would’ve had another 40 yd+ TD if it wasn’t for shields making an incredible recovery play and knocing the ball away while leaping with his hand.

Edit: Word of advice, you may want to wait one week before you offer the trade though. AJ green gets shadow coverage from Xavien Howard this week. Cat has been shutting fools down since last year. Diggs gets to go up against Philly and their trash secondary which just surrendered massive week to C davis. After this week though, AJ green gets to FEAST on the best 4-5 game stretch in the NFL. So trading for him will be closed after this week.

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yea I was able to trade AJayi and Cole for David Johnson which i was surprised about.

Thats why i was thinking of using the 3 mid tier for Green. Cuz his RBs are trash with Drake, McCoy and Miller not really producing.

You can try for that. Doubt he accepts it though. It just looks more like a heap of average/trash for a stud. And most people hate doing those types of trades.

yea we’ll see. I’ll forsure send the trade though cuz it wouldnt hurt.