Trade for AJ Green - what's a fair trade?

would you trade for him and what would he be worth? The guy has him on the bench now and has no RB depth (Henry, Sanders, Gascan).

Here’s what I got: Moss, Gibson, Kelley

Is that even a fair trade? tia

Right now, Green hasn’t shown a lot so he’s a WR 3/flex, RB 3/flex is a fair trade, so IMO Moss and Gibson are in that category. It will obviously depend on what the owner thinks of Green though, he’s probably drafted him thinking he’s great so they may not agree with me. Point out the 3 catches from 14 attempts to the owner and the potential upside of one of those guys. I hope it works out for you!

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I’ll see how they do today, if either has a decent day I’ll throw up the offer. thanks!