Trade for Allen Robinson

I’m in a keeper league where I was able to keep Chark and AJ Brown late in the draft, so I went RB heavy upfront (Cook & Jacobs) and then loaded up on mid tier WR, but now I’m regretting not having a higher end WR.

I have:
RB - Cook, Jacobs, Montgomery, Gibson, Freeman and Gaskin
WR - McLaurin, Kupp, Chark, AJ Brown, Hilton, R Anderson

The Robinson owner lost Saquon, so he has:
RB - Carson, Hunt, Peterson, D Lewis
WR - Robinson, Diggs, Crowder, MVS, P Williams

.5 ppr and we start 1 RB, 2WR and 2 Flex

Is Robinson (or Diggs) enough of an upgrade over what I have to go after? What would it take?