Trade for bell before he signs?

So Obviously there is a risk not know where he lands but im super weak at rb
Half ppr

My team (1-4)
Jones, Drake, Harris, Kelly, D’erenest
OBJ, Fuller, Crowder, Chark,Claypool
Gesicki, Hurst

His team (4-1)
Minshew, Burrow
Zeke, JT, Robinson, Fournette, Bell, Murray
Hill, McLaurin, Godwin, Jeudy, Green

Thinking of offering Hurst and Chark or Hurst and Harris

Too much? Too Little? If you see any other better trade ideas please feel free

Hurst and Harris would be fine but Chark is deff overpaying, even when he was playing he wasn’t doing much, and it’s going to be at least a week or 2 before he even starts logging some carries. Also, no matter where he goes he’s going to have to prove himself over some already established backs, in KC he’d just play a compliment to CEH, in Miami Gaskin has taken on a bellcow-type role, the Bills make the most sense seeing as how singletary and moss haven’t been spectacular


Would you think Chark for him straight up would be fair if he rejects the hurst and harris offer?

Just dying week after week with drake and no real great option to pivot to
Struggling to find anyone that needs wrs that would trade a rb to me aswell

You have the depth for it so i suppose so but i still believe it’s overpaying a bit, because as i said before there’s no guarantee wherever he gets signed that he’s automatically going to get a large workload. Look at Fournette in TB, 1 good game and otherwise completely irrelevant. Even with Drake underperforming (i have drake as well so i feel your pain, but he’s been delegated to my Flex/bench as i have Hunt and Robinson) i would still start him over Bell due to workload alone until Bell proved himself.

Your WR’s aren’t amazing but they aren’t terrible either, you have a slew of quality WR2’s. I think pairing one of them with Harris should be able to net you a decent RB2, maybe Connor, Monty, DJ, Taylor, Gurley? I’d take all of those guys over Bell

Thanks thats exactly how i feel. i have some of the best WR2 options but thats what they are. trying to figure out how to pair for anyone is the tough spot because everyone has someone just a step below on wr and probably dont see it as much of an upgrade.

Monty and Dj could be targets JT is on the team above

Whos the WR youd want to trade off the team?

Chark if you can still sell the name value, but he hasn’t done much to gain a ton of value. I think i would deff keep Fuller and Crowder, as even on a terrible Jets team he seems to be the only guy they throw to. That leaves OBJ, could sell him on his recent performances and the star name might get you more quality starter. He’ll have up and downs all year as he’s unfortunately on a run-first team despite how talented he is.

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Ok tell me if this sounds crazy

same team from above

Taylor and bell for Chark Drake and Hurst. Id give obj or harris in there if you think theres a better pairing. I gotta figure a trade and get back on the winning track and thatd get me out from drake

Yeah i like that trade much better. Trading away Drake still leaves you pretty thin at RB as you’re basically hoping that either Harris or Bell can become your RB3, but at least your starting pair would be solid and you’d still keep your core WR’s.

If you can pull it off i like it for your team long-term. Would really suck to see Drake coming back strong later in the season if it happens tho lol

I’m in a similar position of needing to shake things up (1-4 start). Thinking of offering Boyd or Juju for Bell. Enough? Not even close? Help me out guys and gals

Yeah 100% if drake balls like he did at the end of last year itll kill me but by the time that happens i may not be able to make it out of the 1-4 hole im in. So gotta try to make moves now

Chark and hurst are questionable would obj and harris instead of drake and chark be an alternative if he declines? or is the harris drake drop off that bad

@xone01 I think Juju would get it done. i could see Boyd not get accepted because of the team but offer low first id say

I think you’re all overvaluing Bell personally, i stand by my original statement that it’s going to likely be at least a few weeks before he maybe becomes part of the offense and even then he needs to win the job. Boyd should be fine but if he doesn’t accept i’d just wait until next week since Bell will put up a 0 this week and the excitment from him being on a new team would die down.

@dbmville as for you, the new trade being OBJ and Harris for Taylor and Bell? It’s not bad but you’ll be nervous every week starting Fuller and Crowder unless Claypool or Chark can really establish themselves, and both are in offenses that spread the ball around. Hurst and Chark’s injuries are both day to day and i personally wouldn’t sweat them too much, although you should have some more clarity on them by the end of the day. I think the first trade if you can get it to go through provides you with the best opportunity to dig yourself out of the hole.

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Ahh man I appreciate it thoroughly im feeling the same id rather lose drake than obj i think im gonna wait until later today (forgot its thursday lol) and hope they practice and remove the Q’s next to the names to help make it just appear better

Thanks again!

i agree partially, but it’s hard not to be bullish on a guy who’s that talented and is getting away from a coach that refused to use him. right now, it’s looking like Buffalo, KC, or Miami and I like him in any of those offenses (especially Buffalo)

In KC he’s just compliment to CEH, in Miami he’d have to steal touches from Gaskin and wouldn’t automatically assume a lead role, the Bills offer him the best chance to potentially win a starting job as there backs have been lackluster.

I agree about Buffalo being the best option, plus as a compliment to Josh Allen, I feel like he makes that offense scary good. I think Miami is interesting and I have a hard time believing they don’t put him in front of Gaskin after a week or two of getting in the system. I don’t love KC because I agree, it’s hard to see him getting real opportunity there.

What a waste of effort. He counter with

Lamar, Jones, Drake and hurst

for Taylor robinson fournette and fitz

like really if thats the counter to take my first 3 picks of the draft and offer waiver claims…

Trading is so frustrating

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I don’t even counter back when people offer me shit trades like that, they clearly aren’t educated in fair trades and are only interested in lopsided trades in there favor

Yeah I didnt even both like thats a disrespectful counter completely unrealistic

I did think about something like
Lamar Jones harris and hurst

for his fitz zeke and robinson

But at that point idk if its even worth trying with him after seeing that offer

I personally wouldn’t do that, just because Fitz is having a great start so far doesn’t mean he can keep it up, all it will take is a bad performance or 2 and they’ll bench him for Tua, so you’d be stuck streaming the ROS. Zeke to Jones is lateral (at least so far) so it’s basicly Lamar, Harris, and Hurst for Fitz and Robinson, and i like the upside of lamar too much to do that. You can find another RB with your asset depth elsewhere

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thats what im gonna try. Find a new owner but ill probably have to wait until next week now. teams id target are dealing with bye issues where i know they wont move the targeted players like dj or connor, mostert this week without their other starters in ie carson, kamara