Trade for bell do i win?

Trade away Burton, Chubb, and Gordon for Lev Bell?

My team is
Kamara, CMC, clement, royce freeman, ito smith, D. Foreman
Landry, Cooks, Boyd

Edit. in .5 ppr

What Gordon? josh or Melvin?

Sorry Josh gordon

I don’t know abt this. Getting Bell doesn’t make your team much different to me. Even if Bell is who he was last season, which he won’t be, and moreover, I can’t imagine he won’t share the ball with Conner. That player combo could get you a new WR1. I think this trade is doable if it was Bell and Conner, but Bell alone I don’t like and think you could do more useful things w the pieces you planned to offer.

I also forgot to mention i do have James connor sorry to be a pain

Is Bell for sure coming back, haven’t seen news?

I’ll say you made a good trade, For sure Bell is better if you get him for 5+ weeks (depending on format).
However, I think you need WRs more than RBs. Having Kamara and CMC with the other guys listed is enough to fill the RB slots and probably the flex every week. I would want one more startable WR to chose from each week so perhaps you can make an additional move when Bell is back.