Trade for Bell or Conner

I have Barkley, Howard, Alex Collins, Ingram, and Conner. Want to suggest a trade to the Bell owner. i have Kennan Allen, Baldwin, Landry, and Sanders as my WRs.

He has Bell, Mckoy, and Miller. Would a Howard for Bell be too little to offer the Bell owner?

or, Being that i don’t think I can trust my WR2 (Baldwin) on two bum Knees… I can also suggest trading him Conner and Landry for Julio Jones? He also has Tyreek Hill and Fuller.

Any recommendations? thanks!

No way I do Howard for Bell. This week makes the Bell situation only that much more messed up.

With that being said, the second trade I kind of like. You have solid RB already so trading Conner who is no lock for the whole season + Landry for a stud like Julio makes sense.

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I am in a similar boat. I have Bell and Baldwin, but missed out on Conner . The Conner owner just offered me Conner for Baldwin. I am doing it. I’d rather own the sure fire RB in Pitt (I’d have both Conner and Bell), then deal with the headache of both Bell and Baldwin.

I’d offer Baldwin and Ingram/ Collins for Bell. See if he bites. It might be too much, but at least you open a bench spot and you for sure have the #1 RB in Pitt.

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