Trade for Bell to get Playoff advantage?

So I have a rare luxury of having a bunch of decent RBs (Howard, Coleman, Collins, A Jones, McCoy, Richard). That is the order I put them in although i see A Jones moving up. I also have Kittle and Olsen. My WR are M Thomas, Evans, and DT.

The trade I am thinking of is Olsen and Collins, for Leveon and $30 FAAB. My thought is there is risk that Bell sits all year, but even then, I am not losing any real starters, as Howard Coleman and Jones are starting over Collins. The upside is I get Bell during playoffs and if he is dope, then I have a potential league winning move.

The $30 puts me as the 2nd highest budget in the playoffs which could help with blocking moves.

Thoughts? Feel free to add just general thoughts on Bell and if he will become a workhorse for them or a 50/50 split with Conner or an example for the Steelers to make and he just sits.

This is basically a free lottery ticket IMO, I like the move

What do you think will happen with Bell? He is too damn good to bench right? Would the Steelers be crazy to give him two games exemption?

FYI…this is 12 team, Standard scoring.

As a Connor and Bell owner, I’d prefer the two week exemption. Gives him time to get into football shape if he reports this Wednesday he will be active for week 12/13 and give us just a little time to see how the backfield shapes out. Make sure to get the first round bye.

Given Bell tweeted today that he has left Miami, the buy cheap window has probably already closed.

If you can get him for some of your depth pieces, might as well try. I would even drop the $30 if you feel push back.

I might be alone here, but I do not think that they play Bell. Connor is doing well. I know the idea of grinding him into the ground since he is not back 2019, but he is also aware of it. Suppose he does not ‘try’ and then Connor keeps the workload? PIT is doing just find without Bell. Even if you do not watch the games and just look at stats, they are arguably better without him. Anyway, I would just exercise caution with the optimism over a potential return from Bell.