Trade for Bell?

Should I trade Carlos Hyde and Mark Ingram for Bell?

Yes, he will have a huge game vs chicago next week

If I can’t get that do you think I should trade CJ Anderson for him?

yes. i am trying to get bell as well, i think he is worth it

Even after his big week and Bell’s slow start?

Anyone willing to give up on Bell after 2 weeks is insane. I know I’m not letting him go for anything.

That being said, if you think you can get him, go for it.

Do you like Anderson for Bell?

As a Bell owner, I wouldn’t. You’re offering a ~5th round RB for some other team’s #1 or #2 overall selection. Unless the Bell owner is panicking, I don’t see them moving Bell for anything less than another stud.

Lucky for me I own CJ and Hunt along with Bell, so Bell hasn’t cost me yet. He’ll get going, I have no doubt.

Yes, make that trade if it’s on the table.