Trade for Brady

I need a QB and the Brady owner is willing to trade him. What would be a good value for him. Brady owner is in need of RBs

Normally i would try the waiver wire, but it hasn’t gone to smoothly lately. Top waiver QBs are Siemian, Manning, Brissett, Flacco, Bradford, Moore.

My team:
WR: Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Fuller, Corey Davis
RB: Gordon, Martin, Aaron Jones, Ty Mont, Joe Mixon, Smallwood, Prosise

I’d do a 2-1 deal. Pair up a couple of your RBs like Smallwood and prosise or something. Then you would have an open spot for a matchup waiver pickup. Seems like this year is the year of the waiver pickups to me

Think you might have to give up mixon. Who is your qb to make sure he doesn’t have to dig into the waivers?

Imo if I’m Brady owner I will instant reject prosise and smallwood

I am just streaming QB this season, not having a lot of luck with it lately. My latest streamer was Hundley. The Brady owner has Alex Smith, and she said that she is good with him ROS. She would rather trade Brady than Smith. I think Mixon might get the trade done.

I feel like a huge sexist now :hushed:

Well if she’s willing to give up Brady for Mixon I’d do that. You’re covered at rb and Brady playoff schedule is pretty nice. Plus he’s Tom Brady!

I ended up offering Smallwood, Fuller, and Luck (I forgot to mention that I had Luck in my IR spot, I didn’t really think he was relevant). She took the deal. So i can finally breathe a sigh of relief with my QB spot. Move over Hundley, Flacco, Keenum, and Brissett.


Top trade. Well done and good luck for the season