Trade for Calvin Ridley

What up footclan: Would you trade CEH and Darrel Williams for Calvin Ridley? Thanks fellas.

My Team:
QB: Brady
RB: Zeke, Henderson Jr, Gibson, E Missle, CEH, D Williams
WR: CeeDee, DJ Moore, Emmanuel Sanders, C Claypool, K Toney, D Mooney
TE: D Knox, H Henry
DEF: Rams

If you are able to get the Ridley owner to agree to that trade, go for it. I personally would not accept that trade unless I was desparate for an RB.

If you received the Ridley for CEH/Williams offer, smash the accept button, like yesterday. I believe KC backfield will become close to a 50-50 timeshare when CEH comes back.

100% yes if you get Ridley for those two thats a ridiculous steal

I’m on the Ridley side also
Smash that button

Ridley owner accepted! Just gotta make it past the veto vote… Fortunately my league has never vetoed a real trade before