Trade for Cam and Kareem Hunt?

In a ppr league would you trade Mike Evans and Keenan Allen for Cam Newton and Kareem Hunt? I have only Keenum as the only qb on my roster due to injury.

That would give me a solid qb in Cam

My backs would then be Hunt, Fournette, Kamara and C.Thompson.

My wr’s would be Aj Green, Funchess, K.Benjamin

Umm… yes. In a heartbeat, yes. In fact, why are you still reading this reply? Make that trade. Now.

Newton is at the very least an upgrade over Keenum. Hunt provides an immediate #1 to go with Fournette and Kamara then becomes an absolute FLEX every single week. AJ Green and Funchess? Absolutely. Allen is subpar at best and Evans has Fitz throwing to him.

Seriously… stop reading and accept this trade.

Just was curious. Trade hasn’t been offered. But i just sent it over.

Ooooo. I don’t know if I would accept that offer from the other side. Unless I had a SOLID RB backup and some REALLY weak WRs.

He has Jordan Howard and McCaffery. He also has Antonio Brown, but that’s about it from the wr side

I also don’t think it hurts that he’s 3-7 and basically out of it unless he goes on some crazy win streak.