Trade for CAM

Current Roster:

QBs; Big Ben, Baker
RBs; zeke, conner, chubb, Howard, Jones
WRs; Thielen, Landry, Watkins

Standard scoring. The Cam owner is RB needy and also has AB, Evans, and Woods at WR. Worth to try and target Cam from him? Trade away big ben and howard?

Trying to get Sutton of the waivers for $26 and also drop Fitzmagic for Baker.

What ya’ll think?


You’re giving away a lot for a QB who is going to give you a tough decision every week if you pick up Fitz as well and he goes back to his early season form.

I usually always avoid trading big for a QB. I’d turn your attention toward obtaining another WR with you good RB depth.

Right but if i got Cam from him, he’s auto starting for me ROS. I’ll never take him out of the lineup. I do wish to upgrade my WR2 spot. Hopefull I can land Sutton for some depth

That’s fine, I just think if you can get Fitz, you can play Ben at home and Fitz any other time (if not over Ben at home even). I’d still look to upgrade your WR2 spot over your QB situation (which I’d argue is more than fine). Sutton will be a good addition, but if you don’t get him you’re in trouble. And even then, he may be a flex play rather than WR 2 play until he comes into the role more. I’d rather do a Howard + Landry for Evans or something like that.