Trade for Carson

Trying to get Chris Carson, the guy I’m trading with has 0 depth at RB, his others are Freeman, Coleman, and Jaylen Samuels.

.5 PPR League

I originally offered Duke Johnson and Cooks (he is my normal flex).

He doesn’t want to give up Carson for that, even though I think its a very fair trade.

Since he is so bad at RB do you guys think

Monty and Duke
Miles Sanders and Duke

Would be fair? I am giving him 2 potential starting RB’s for 1. I don’t want to give both Monty and Sanders up with the potential upside each has.

If so who would you rather give up Montgomery or Sanders?

All of those trades seem fair to me; just need to play the negotiating game. And I’d rather keep Sanders because of the upside of Philly’s offense

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