Trade For Chubba?

I might know the answer to this, but should I trade for chubba and keep him as a handcuff in case CMC gets hurt again, or should I just wait for the chubba owner to drop him when CMC gets back?

I’d hold if you can with it being a hamstring injury.

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I wouldn’t trade now. I have CMC as well, but I drafted Chuba. If I didn’t have him, I’d just start Cordarrell Patterson, Nyheim Hines, or Javonte Williams until CMC gets back.

However, I think this injury has proven that every CMC owner should have drafted Chuba. When you are taking the number 1 ranked RB and he has a decent backup, you need that guy on your bench. So, wait for now, and if the other owner drops Chuba, great, pick him up. But he might not drop him. He might hang onto him knowing that CMC already got hurt once and this injury could linger. But at least Chuba’s value will drop while CMC is healthy and at that point you could trade less to acquire him.


I agree with that. I drafted Cook and didnt have Mattison.

Paid up for Mitchell early and skimmed T Williams before the hype to have plenty of viable backs. Cook goes down and I trade K Hunt for Mattison which I knew wasn’t best option but seemed logical because I thought I had others that could fill in. Hunt and Mattison score almost identical the week Cook is out and now I’m down a viable flex in Hunt, Mitchell is hurt and Williams a healthy scratch. Wish I could have rethought that one because Hunt seems more valuable now that Montgomery has went down. Now everyone has more faab than me.