Trade for Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Hi all. I have a league member who is offering Mark Ingram and Devonta Freeman for Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Thoughts?

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Nope. Unless you’re absolutely hurting for RB depth, I wouldn’t make that trade.

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What does your team look like? is it Standard or PPR?

I don’t think format matters. I’m not sold on Ingram being the starter much longer in Baltimore. Freeman will be at least 2 weeks before he’s worthy of a start consideration. He’s injury prone and not a RB I want to count on this season. CEH is on the better offense by a landslide and I wouldn’t trade him away unless I got a high end RB2 and WR2 in the deal

I would take CEH because he is on a high powered offense and unlike Ingram CEH doesnt have anybody to steal the load. CEH is a league winner in my eyes and its not like your trading your 3rd and 4th rounder away. if you do accept this trade you can easily flip CEH for a player of youre liking. I would take this trade 10 time out of 10

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I don’t think you read the question correctly. Our guy already has CEH. Another owner is offering Ingram and Freeman in exchange for CEH. I would NOT do that trade, which I’m sure you would agree. Right?

Personally, I’d reject this trade immediately. CEH is way more valuable than Ingram/Freeman.

sorry lol yeah CEH is untouchable

I agree, people forget what Freeman looked like the last time he played and there’s a reason he’s not in ATL anymore. CEH is worth so much more then a old Mark Ingram and a Devonta Freeman with no tread left on the tires.

Don’t do it! Ingram will be usurped by year’s end and Devonta may be good or he may not be good anymore, but he’ll definitely be behind a weak O line.

I’m a firm no on that.

I wouldn’t even consider that trade lol Barkley struggled behind that Giants o-line, I don’t think Freeman will be valuable especially because he’s going to be splitting reps with Dion Lewis and Gallman. And Ingram is going to be very inconsistent since it seems like they’re not going to be giving him much work in any game that they’re winning easily (which should be several)