Trade for CMC? .5PPR

So this is all .5PPR…

CMC owner offering me CMC and Mike Davis and Corey Davis in exchange for Chris Carson
and Josh Jacobs + Davante Parker.

My other RBs are James Robinson, D’Andre Swift and Le’Veon Bell.

My WRs are Calvin Ridley, Dionte Johnson, Justin Jefferson, AntonIo Brown, Mike Williams

I might be able to get him to give up Monty instead of Corey Davis…any changes?

Any advice --anyone? our trade deadline is tonight. he updated to he wants DJ Chark for the Monty Upgrade

Personally it would be hard for me to give up both Carson and Jacobs, with out getting 2 start-able RBs back. CMC/Mike Davis are essentially one player, a VERY good one at that. I’m not sure you can play mike once he’s back.
If you can get Monty I would probably do it, especially in his playoff schedule. Your pretty good at WR so I would go for Monty.