Trade for cmc help

Who wins this trade in dynasty superflex ppr.

I think on current value alone it’s probably the team that gets Zeke, Allen, etc. that wins this trade. The only reason it’s a winner is the difference between Josh Allen and Drew Brees though so it heavily depends on your value of Allen. A lot of people have him breaking out this year, I own him and I’m not that optimistic on him having a top 8 year, but that’s just my opinion. The addition of Diggs is a nice boost for him but he’s wildly inaccurate, 52% completion % in his rookie year and 58% last year, to give you a reference, Drew Lock had a 64% comp. rate last year.

OBJ should bounce back if he can stay healthy but I think the value between him and Golladay are pretty even.

Which team are you?

I am team A. My qbs right now are tom brady drew brees and Tua so im worried about next year only having 1 qb

Yeah this is a tough call, I went back to look at last years’ stats and CMC outscored Zeke by 100+ points in 0.5 ppr. That’s such a crazy gap, CMC is a monster it would be tough to let him go for really only getting Josh Allen in return. I don’t think I would do this trade but like I mentioned I don’t believe in Allen and that’s really all that you’re gaining in this trade. Depending on your team make up you could always try to trade CMC for Mahomes. I would even suggest trying to trade him next year and just use your QB vets this year to go for the title.

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Thanks. I decided to not go through with the deal. You made some good points. My team is
Qb: Brady, Brees, Tua
Rbs: CMC, kenyan drake, jordan howard
Wrs: Tyreek hill, OBJ, Brandin cooks
Tightend: mark andrews
So i think i will just take my chances with my squad

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Yeah I think you made the right decision there, your team will be great this year and you can always trade low value picks next year for maybe a Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford or someone that won’t be a dud and is pretty cheap so you can keep going for the title.

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Jumping in late. Make the tra…oh. JK.

You made the right choice IMHO. Brees has another season or two in him I think. CMC is likely not doing that again, but he will be a monster for a couple more seasons. I would not be surprised if DAL does something to move on from Zeke. Kenny G is fine, but OBJ is better. Far higher ceiling and about a similar floor.

Tua will be fine, especially as you do not ‘need’ him this year. Frankly, your team looks pretty strong but that QB cliff is looming. You might be able to win this year and then blow it all up? You are strong in every position.

Another idea, if you could move for maybe a Lock / Minshew / Darnold that could be a solid get. They are risky, sure, but they are young on what appear to be improving teams. If those guys are owned by ‘contenders’ then they might want to move them for a proven Brees / Brady. If I’m being honest, I might try to move both of those guys this year for different QBs. Even if you have to package them. Get ahead of it while people are still in on their value.

I know it would be a huge risk, especially with your squad looking strong. Perhaps do that mid season when you can better see how the year is going? But if you finish 3rd/4th, you are too far out to get a good QB in the draft. Those two likely have 2 years left, but maybe only 1. I think it good to not be holding them when the music stops. Mid season seems like a good time to do a real gut check and assess if you can win the championship. If no, I would move them immediately.

Just my two cents. Glad you pulled out of that trade. That was smart!

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