Trade FOR CMC or Ridley? Blood in the water

CMC owner also has Mostert and didn’t pick up any waiver wire claims this week. His only RBs are Montgomery, Ekeler, and AP. His (only) TE is Hooper, but he has Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley stacked. With that plus CMC & Mostert, he’s easily outscored the whole league. Full rosters at the bottom.

Get: CMC
Give: Fant + McKinnen(or)Chris Carson

I could toss him two RBs and make it a 3-for-1 (+Gibson or Hines?). Other than Ridley, his WR are hurt (AJ Brown & Crowder) or bad. I could try to pry Ridley away instead or also.

Get: Ridley
Give: Fant + McKinnen(or)Carson (+Chark?)

Get: CMC+Ridley
Give: Carson + Fant + McKinnen + Chark (or DJ Moore?)

Is Carson a must to make it juicy enough? Should I focus on Ridley instead? I’d be willing to trade just about anyone outside Jacobs, but I know I’ll be giving up more players total, so I don’t want to be bereft of talent. I’m 0-2 but I have a good team (4 points from being top 3 scoring).

His Team. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .My Team

I don’t see him biting. You’re offering quantity over quality. CMC and Ridley are round 1/2 guys. Gotta go big for the big names. Jacobs may be the only name to get his attention. If he’s smoking the league he can afford to sit tight and wait for CMC to come back.

True. I was hoping for some desperation from him because his starting lineup has taken a huge hit, plus Hooper is garbage so Fant is a nice addition, but I wouldn’t take this trade if I were him.

Would you include Jacobs to get either CMC or Ridley? He can afford to lose a few weeks while CMC gets healthy, but I can’t go down 0-4 in this league. If I gave Jacobs I’m not sure an injured CMC is enough of a return.