Trade for CMC week 3

I’m looking to trade for CMC that team also lost Mostert and his only other RBs are Kerryon and Dillion.

Who should I try offering for CMC? If not CMC should I go for Kelce? If so who would be a good offer for him?

My RBs: CEH Bell Hunt Robinson Kelly Edmonds and Murray
WRs: Evans Woods Hollywood Crowder
TE: Goedart

whats his team look like? whats the scoring in the league?

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@Kvnklly 12 team ppr

His QB: Mahomes
RB: CMC Mostert Dillon Kerryon Jeff Wilson
WR: Keenan Allen Robby AJ Brown Riggs Curtis Samuel and Trequan Smith
TE: Kelce

I would do the trade. I would start with Hunt and Bell. Hes gonna need to trade CMc as his team is gonna struggle to pull wins together. If says no try subbing bell for for robinson

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@Kvnklly Would it be too much if I offer CEH for CMC? I just did a trade so my RBs now are David Johnson Hunt Bell CEH Kelley and Robinson