Trade for CMC

Should I trade Deshaun Watson, Josh Jacobs, Kenny Galloday, and Darren Waller for CHristian mccaffrey Wayne gallman and steffon Diggs? I would stream QB, and I also have Mark Andrews on my bench. This is a 14 man league, My roster if trade goes down:

QB: Stream
RB: Ezekiel Elliot
WR: Cooper Kupp
WR: Steffon Diggs
TE: Mark Andrews
Flex: Damien Williams

(Lose Deshaun watson, Josh Jacobs, Waller, kenny gallloday)

Currently 4-0, 14 man PPR, my roster has potential to host 2 top 5 running backs, top 5 tight end, top 20 WR with good ppr depth on bench for Bye fillers.

I think you would be giving up to much to cmc