Trade for Connor or stay away?

Looking to capitalize on the owner possibly being worried about Bell coming back… I was thinking of trading away Hyde and another player for Connor should I do it?

What’s the upside there for the Conner owner? Either they also own Bell, and they are giving away 2 weeks of their high end RB1 for a flex/RB3 Hyde and another player, or they don’t own Bell and if they haven’t traded Conner prior to this then they probably aren’t going to suddenly won’t want to trade him now for scraps on the off chance he does continue to make value

If you think the Conner player might accept that trade go for it, but I wouldn’t trade Conner for anything but a WR1 / a high end RB2

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I would give up Conner for less than wr1/high end rb2, because it seems very likely bell comes back in a couple weeks, and best case scenario is a timeshare. But i agree Hyde is nowhere near the ballpark. Would need to pair him with a middling wr2 or rb2 most likely.

That’s fair I may have overvalued him slightly with that comment, but yeah It would at least need a strong /consistent RB2 /WR2


Rather go for David Johnson? Would he be a buy low since he will probably keep playing at the same level or maybe better with them firing the coach?