Trade for Connor?

I have bell on my roster… you guys think I should trade Agholor for Connor?

I tried this EXACT trade Thursday afternoon. The other owner was down. But, when I went to click “Submit Offer” I couldn’t do it. It just felt wrong for my team. I bailed on the trade. I know Agholor’s points weren’t high, but his targets/target share was impressive. I think I made the right call.

It depends on the rest of your WR corps, but I say “no”.

…and I’m not super confident about it

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Yeah I’m in the same boat. I’m too nervous to give him up. My other receivers are diggs, Marvin Jones, Moncrief, and Westbrook

Yeah, I’d keep Aggie with those WRs. You can’t deal one of your Jax guys?

This offer is on the table? You should’ve taken this deal the second it was offered. That is an absurdly good deal for you as a Bell owner. Can’t even believe you had to think about this.

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He gets a lot of targets with alshon out tho and no I was going to propose it

He’s going to laugh in your face. That’s an insulting offer.

He just said he’d take it

Take it immediately. This is the steal of your season.

He has no idea what he’s doing.

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Damn dude I sure hope so

Careful with regards to WR depth. You have Diggs, Jones, and 2 Jacksonville WRs now. That’s not super great. I’ll be curious to see how this all turns out, though.

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Hey man, I’m a bell owner trying to get Conner as well… if my trad partner was ok with it I would do it ASAP!!! It’s miserabke having Bell and no insurance… you have to… wr is deep … Nelson is replaceable IMo

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