Trade for Cooks

I’m trying to upgrade my WRs. I’m looking to trade Lynch for Cooks is that too little or should I add Cole or Godwin? I also have AP Hyde and Kamara at RB and Adams and Gordon for my other WRs

I wouldn’t add more than Lynch personally. Lynch for Cooks is a pretty fair trade. I typically would want the Lynch side but that’s because I prefer RBs. Also your WRs without Cooks are pretty good.

I forgot I also have Dion Lewis so for my RBs I think I’m okay losing Lynch if I can upgrade my WRs

That does change it a bit, I would say Lewis is probably your best RB2 with the long term in mind. It’s not a bad trade for sure. It’s all about how you value the Rams WRs, because they’ll be volatile with who is worth starting each week. If you like Cooks I think the value is fair.