Trade for D. Freeman?

Would anyone trade for D. Freeman in a PPR league?

It appears WR would be his need in this trade.

Assets to offer:
D. Montgomery
C. Samuel
D. Samuel

It’s certainly a solid buy-low situation if he comes around, but definitely don’t want to overpay for him. If he would do it for Fitz, that would be solid. What’s your team looking like?

Lindsey. Start low. Freeman still has RB1 potential if he gets in the rythm, meanwhile Lindsey is limited with a bad offense and competition at RB.

Then Fitz if he prefers WR

As others are saying, I would but only for the right price. Although I expect him to step up (rather the OL to step up) I wouldn’t pay more than what you’d pay for a mid level RB2

QB: M. Ryan
Rb: J. Mixon, D. Montgomery
WR: D. Adams, J. Edelman
Flex: P. Lindsay, L. Fitzgerald
TE: V. McD

M. Sanu, R. Burkhead, CJ Andersen, C. Samuel, D. Samuel.

IR: D Jax