Trade For D. Johnson Value or Stay away?

Is David Johnson worth trading for in a 0.5 PPR Dynasty league. I have draft picks to give. I am trying to stay away from trading star for star. I am will to send a 1st round rookie draft pick plus a player. Also A. Rodgers is on the table. The owner of DJ us a Packers fan.


I would still be interested in Johnson especially if rest of team is a contender or close. Depends on what Johnson owner wants in return but I would be kicking the tires seeing if a deal is in range.

If you are in a championship window I would do it. Perhaps wait until after the draft for people to hype up players at good landing spots to get the most value for your 5th pick. That being said if Kyler goes to the Cards DJ’s price may go up due to hype.

I’m not sure if you’re in a 2QB league either which effects Rodgers value tremendously.

Single QB league. I have Elliot and Howard as my 1 and 2. I need depth. It is a start 2 RB, 3Wr and 2 Flex. Lots of starting spot. The flex positions for me are week and I believe that is how I fell apart last year.

I also have Luck at QB, so Rodgers is expendable.

I would try to trade for him, and don’t mind giving up rookie draft picks to do it. I think he could have a bounce back year, can’t get any worse than last year. Think he gets a boost if the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray. I would be ok with giving up any rookie draft picks you have to get him, don’t see any stud RBs or WRs in this years rookie class worth using a 1st round pick on. Who else do you have at QB if you give up Rodgers?

Luck, Rosan and Manning. But I am not worried about that spot. I can find a back up somewhere.

Yea, I would do it. Rather have Luck as my QB over Rodgers anyway.

If you have Luck I’d for sure move Rodgers for him over the 5th pick. The point difference for what you gain at flex or RB2 will be bigger than the Rodgers to Luck drop off (Wasn’t even a drop off last year).

Yeah. Trading Rodgers for DJ would be robbery, especially with Luck as your QB.

I’d also give up my first round pick for DJ. This years draft is not loaded with top end talent. Lots of decent talent, but no sure things