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Trade for Dalvin Cook


I’m looking to trade Jaquizz to the Doug Martin owner for Dalvin Cook. Who would you guys include to make this happen?


first off, love the team name… and league name. both fantastic.

second, thats going to be tough depending on the guy you are trading with. is he a rookie lover? because if so you may have to give up someone like diggs as well to get him. if not, you might be able to swing frank gore to him. or maybe a three fer, rodgers, gore, and… hmm beasley or cobb i would say. maybe bernard but i doubt that sweetens the pot at all.


Thanks I appreciate it!

To answer your question I don’t know if he is a rookie lover for sure but he does have a lot of rookies on his roster. I was thinking about movie Diggs but I’m afraid if i do my WR depth is weak. I am posting his team below though because I am thinking maybe I give up Rodgers and Diggs to get Cook and Golloday? Or maybe I will have to do Rodgers, Gore, and Diggs to receive Cook and maybe Snead if I’m lucky.