Trade for defense?

My commish has limited number of moves this year, so people are doubling up on defenses to avoid streaming every week. I have been offered Buffalo D for Mike Williams. My other receivers are Evan’s, Edleman, R Anderson and Sammy Watkins. I am tempted, am I being stupid?

Given that you have limited waiver moves (I’m assuming trades don’t count in this), I think I take it. Especially if there are no streaming options available because of this. Buffalo is gna have some big weeks coming up, probably more points than Williams will get you

I guess the only catch is that Williams has been getting a lot of targets… if he converts just 1 into a TD then he’s having a great week

I’d probably make that trade. Buffalo plays MIA twice in the next few weeks. Plus some other bad teams. Given the WRs you have, you’re probably playing them all before Williams anyway. I’m higher on Watkins when he returns too because Hill will take all the WR1 coverage.

Step 1 fire your Commish
Step 2 accept the trade, very reluctantly

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