Trade for Derrick Henry

I have Barkley and now he’s gone for ROS. my RBs are pretty slim

12 team full ppr league

RB: Barkley(will drop), Arron Jones, Zack Moss, Swift Snell
WR: Golladay, Woods, Marvin Jones, Scotty Miller, Preston Willams, Fuller
TE: Mark Andrews

His team
RB: Henry, Ekeler, Robinson, Jones II, Malcom Brown
WR: Evans, Gallup, K. Allen, Sutton(will drop)
TE: Hockenson, Higbee

The other guy is interested in Mark Andrews, do you guys think I make a trade for Henry and Higbee for Andrews, Marvin Jones and Swift or would you recommend me to do something else or stay with my team?

Since your league is full PPR, I would attempt to get Ekeler. Henry will lucky if he finished with 20 rec this year.

Andrews is a top TE, but I dont you will be abke to swing Andrews for Ekeler/Higbee. You may need to add a player to get that done.

do you think I would be better off in the waiver wire? I have the 4th pick.

available players: Dion Lewis, Gallman, Gesicki, Devonta Freeman(hopefully he gets signed)

Even in PPR I think I’d rather pursue Henry than Ekeler. His touchdown potential is gigantic and can cover for the lack of receptions.

I’m curious why he’s looking at TE though. Its not really a position I’d consider him weak at. For me he should be holding Henry and looking at RB as after Robinson he becomes quite shaky there with guys you don’t want to rely on. I’d look to add an RB as an extra piece. Mike Davis is short term but might have value for a few weeks to add to your list

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Your WRs and TE are good. It is your RB depth that is almost non-existant. Moss and Swift have not been performing well and Snell is dependent on Conner being hurt.

It wouldnt hurt to roster Freeman, in case he does get signed with NYG, but I see him as a mid-tier RB2 at best.

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird he really wanted Andrews at draft day and still wants him. But yeah I forgot Davis is on waivers too. You suggest to hold off for now and try waivers or look towards a trade for Henry with him?

would James Robinson be a trade target then? Marvin or Fuller for Robinson?

True Henry’s TD upside is massive, however if Herbert starts over Taylor, Ekeler’s passing work will go up as well as his rec TD potential.

I dont think you can go wrong with trying to pursue either Henry or Ekeler.

If he is that desparate for Andrews you can try the offer Andrews for Higbee/Robinson.

Robinson is probably more realistic a target but if I was the other owner, I’d be really wanting RB depth rather than dealing away guys I might need down the line. Personally I think you need to be looking at league mates with RB surplus then potentially package it with Andrews to go after Henry or Ekeler with Higbee

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird only guy with a surplus of RBs, he has Carson, Taylor, Gibson, Connor. He is in desperate need of an TE

his team
RB: Carson, Taylor, Gibson, Connor, James White
WR: Adams, Hopkins, Edelman, Dionate Johnson, DeVante Parker
TE: Hooper, Thomas

Don’t drop Barkley unless you really have to. Leave him in the IR spot so that at the end of the year when you win your championship…you and they will know it was without Barkley. :+1::joy:

I would definitely do that trade if I were you. I think I think you win that trade if you get either Henry or Ekeler in it