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Trade for Devonta Freeman


Should I trade Brandin Cooks and Christian McCaffery for Devonta Freeman. My two rbs would be Demarco and Devonta, my wrs would be Jordy and Emanuel Sanders with Abdullah at the flex. Standard league format?


I like it!


I’d go for it!


You need something else back. Maybe something like a


I would do it. I don’t buy that McCaffrey is going to turn the Panthers offensive around. And Cooks is going to a team where the QB throws the ball to everyone, not heavily favoring one target


For sure Devonta is the best player in the trade, but you are giving up waaaay too much. You are giving up Cooks, who is being drafted in the second or third round and McCaffery who is also going in that range. It doesn’t matter if you believe that Devonta is the second coming of David Johnson, you are paying well over his value.

For this trade to make sense, you need to get another starter. At very least it should be a player with weekly flex value.


I wouldn’t do it…

I think you’d have enough strength with Murray & C Mc / Jordy & Cooks and you can still play with Sanders & Abdullah @ Flex.

I’m not saying that C Mc is going to be a Lev Bell/ DJ type RB1/WR2 but, from what I’ve seen so far, he has all the potential to do so with some of the glimpses we’ve had so far in pre season.

I love Freeman this year and you would be stacked at RB if you did the trade, but I think you’d have better balance by not doing it. I must add that I think that Abdullah will be a good RB2 this year so I’d be relatively content with that RB depth whilst having 2 WR1’s starting every week.

But that’s just me… Interested to read more peoples thoughts…


Run away quickly. McCaffrey is an absolute stud, and is much, younger. There is nothing wrong with Carolina that a healthy Newton and OL won’t fix (and when you add in a special talent like McCaffrey, all the better). Cooks is a high end WR2 with massive upside who’s still only 23. No thank you.


And btw, I love Freeman, and have been higher than most on him consistently since he was i college. But this is far too much.


dont do it, my guy


I’d do it since it’s a standard league cause you don’t know what you’re gonna get out of cooks and mccaffery, but I still think you could get a flex play or solid bench player in return


Hell no if this is a dynasty thats a double hell naw lol


I would not do this trade either CMC is gonna be Great this year


Yes. Freeman is the best player in that trade


Best player is not always a Trump. Example: would you trade Brown and Shady for DJ (or Bell, if you prefer him with the 1.01)? No? But he’s the best player in the trade?

Point is, if two players are good enough, they can out weigh the value of the one player. Imo, that is the case with this trade.


I think I would.