Trade for Devonte Adams

Offered Adams for Chark and Mark Andrews. It’s a half ppr, 1w man league.

I’d have Lockett, theilen, and Adams at wr with Waller at TE.

For what it’s worth, he also offered Lockett instead of chark but if I accept I’m going to send chark.


It’s a hard one Adam’s is the better player but he is not playing at the moment, plus you dont know if theilin is for sure back this week so I’d personally say no atm

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I do have robby Anderson on the bench as well, forgot to mention him.

I guess that could work as Anderson’s has 3 pie games in a row if he does not get traded.

Yea I think it’s definitely risky, but if Adams can come back and be health, I have 3 wr1s on my team.
Chark has been, but I never feel confident starting him and not sure what he looks like when foles comes back