Trade for Devonte Freeman?

If I can get Devonte freeman for cheap, would you trade for him? Do you think he will come back to form or just stay away from him?

i think he looked good on sunday but playing from behind the whole game they werent running the ball at all and then just gave up entirely and put 3rd stringers in toward the end.

he’ll be part of a rbbc with coleman and ito smith but he is the clear lead RB and he’s the only one getting actually paid by the Falcons (on a $40M contract) while Coleman is a free agent after this season and Ito is a rookie. he is there b expected to generate a return on the money they’ve invested in him. he’ll get his chances.

and i actually think this season has turned into one that makes it likely the game plan will be a run heavy one any time possible. falcons defense is so bad that it is in their best interest by far to get a lead and then maintain possession and run the clock down as much as they possibly can until the game is over…keeping the defense off the field at all costs. best way to do that is to run it over and over again as long as that’s working…and it generally does/should more often than not because the falcons offense overall is excellent for fantasy scoring purposes (it’s a diff story for winning games in real life…), and especially excellent when they have Freeman in there establishing the run.

he’s injury-prone to some extent of course, but hopefully the way they incorporate Coleman and Ito will keep him healthy. He should be the goal line guy more often than not as well. And his schedule ROS is overall very favorable. So i think he’s worth seeking out if you can snag him at a reasonable price, especially right now before he has a big game – which will probably be as soon as this Sunday at home vs. TB…

If you can get him cheap i would and as long as you have the depth to hold him. I think he got nicked up on Sunday as well? he left the game and didn’t come back but no reports so it could have been the Falcons resting him.

Interesting take from @falcones404 and tactically it does make sense for the Falcons to move to a more ball control attack to try and protect their D. They have more than enough talent to do that or if needed flip the switch and put up points. Tampa is actually 3rd best against the run though so you may not see it this week and with their offense being pretty potent too it could get out of hand fairly easily