Trade for Diggs or Allen?

Looking to get more reliability in my WR2 (WR1 = Hopkins).

Would you offer Edelman and Lindsay for Diggs or Allen? Standard scoring.
NOTE - Diggs/Allen owner is a big Patriots fan.

Would leave me with Kamara, Mixon, Breida, and maybe Crowell (if bid goes through) at RB.
And would add Diggs/Allen to Hopkins, Robinson, Jones Jr., and Tre’Quan Smith…

I say Allen. I think he’s gonna blow up soon and be the monster he was last year.
I love Diggs too. I have both in 2 different leagues. Diggs gets me slightly better numbers but I know(I hope) Allen will give me those huge numbers closer to playoffs. Thielen is just too reliable. I saw last game how upset he(Allen) was getting not getting the ball.

Do you think that offer is fair? Or am I low balling?
Allen owner has him on by, and has slim pickings for WR - has Barkley and Miller on RB but could use Lindsay as Flex

I already offered Edelman and Jones Jr. for Diggs, but feel that will just languish

I think that’s OK for Diggs, but it seems like an overpay for Allen. Allen should be a buy low - that’s just buying IMO. If you’re confident Allen’s second half will be like last year’s, it’s still a steal but you shouldn’t have to pay that much, especially since Allen’s on bye.

Yeah, I don’t think Jones Jr. has much trade value. Edelman is less valuable in standard. I wouldn’t think that would get it done.

Maybe just float Edelman for Allen then?

I think you’re offering more than enough. Both players have had slow seasons.
Lindsay will be borderline RB1 the next couple of weeks and Edelman can have a huge game anytime soon.
If you really want either player, I think you’re offering a fair trade.

You could do that. Edelman is in for a big game this weekend. The Pats should throw more with Michel out and Edelman should see more opportunities if Gronk is limited. Edelman’s value will probably be higher if you want to wait until next week to deal him

Hmm, but then Allen is off Bye… we also have a 3 day trade window, so if I offer today and they accept tomorrow, the trade will only take effect on Monday, so they would miss this week…

Edit - Oh! but the Pats play on Monday

Alt question - do you think it would be better to hold Edelman over Allen? There is an expectation/hope that he turns around after the bye, but possible that the situation is different in LA this year with more weapons, so he may not be as reliable.