Trade for Diggs - who do I give up?

Full PPR. Thinking about upgrading my WR2 to Diggs. The owner NEEDS a RB.

My team:

  • QB: Minshew
  • RB: Sanders, J. Kelley, A. Gibson, Mostert, Duke Johnson, Wilson Jr.
  • WR: Adams, Chark Jr., Jones Jr., Crowder, Gage

I was thinking of trading J. Kelley or A Gibson for Diggs. If I needed to throw in a WR to sweeten the deal (jones jr. or Crowder). Thoughts?

I’d lean Gibson, just because Kelley has a nice role carved out in LA. You’re likely going to have to include Crowder to seal the deal though, since Diggs is coming off 2 good outings and Gibson hasn’t really popped off yet.

You think both Chargers’ RBs can be fantasy relevant? I just hate the unknown of if Gibson can become the #1 and really pop off.

I think the Chargers (especially if Herbert becomes the starter) will be in a clock-draining formation much more often than Washington will be.

I could be wrong because…fantasty… but he just had a 25 touch game so the signs are there that he could be a great tandem with Ekeler.