Trade for Dissly

Desperate for a TE, I offered Hardman for Dissly. He countered looking for Tyler Boyd for Dissly. Thoughts?

I have Keenan Allen, Demarcus Robinson, DeSean and Dorsett already. Just dropped Cook for Akins so that’s where I am TE wise.

If you’re desperate for TE this weekend sure but I would hold on to Boyd. All your other guys are boom or bust and I think Desean is going to be out longer than we all think.

…I also would have stuck with Cook over Akins.

I just couldn’t stand another 2 for 10 from cook, just looks bad overall

I’m going to counter with Robinson, better than Hardman but not as big of a price as Boyd

What about Herndon? He’s coming back off suspension soon.

Won’t help till week six but could be a season long solution when’s he’s back if’s hes avail in your league.

I did scoop him up but I’m still iffy if Darnold doesn’t come back soon