Trade for drake

half ppr
May have a chance to get drake guy had gronk and is fed up

Ertz and singletary for his drake would be my offer I think theres a chance

my team
ceh, robinson, mckinnon, singletary
ertz, hurst

juju,ty,aj brown, shepard
irv smith,Eifert

is it gonna be enough? should i be thinking some other offer here?

Don’t think i’d take it if i was him, i could be underestimating how bad he wants a TE but i’d be losing a high-end RB and have to roll with Eckler, Dobbins, and Singletary, none of whom are bellcows for their respective teams like drake is, and Ertz has been underperforming.

I’d want Robinson and either Hurst/Ertz (if i really wanted a TE) or Ridley straight up

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i have a feeling the robinson hurst might be the counter
but robinson ertz seems like im giving a bit much drakes under performed so far but hes far from full established as a dominant 1

I’d still do that trade if i were you if that’s what he counters.

*Ertz hasn’t performed well either though, Goedert has shown to be the TE1 so far. And Drake may have slightly underperformed, but there’s no question he’s the bellcow unlike the other guys. He’s in a more dynamic offense than Robinson is, the TD’s will come once they open up a bit

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I may just offer both and see if he has a liking to one or the other i think id be ok with either.

Robinson has looked solid but i remember singletary playing way better last year so theres still a chance he picks it up too

I got him to agree to singletary and ertz but he left eifert in and now wants to wait till next week since he cant play ertz now which i was really hoping wouldnt happen but hopefully singletary looks good because i know drake is going to

Wow you got a bargain there dude, i’m a drake owner and i 1000% wouldn’t do that deal. Deff won that trade. Yeah you gotta hope Singletary at least puts up RB2 numbers or else he may have second thoughts, and same if Ertz puts up another stinker

I know very disappointing in it not getting to go through before the weekend. If both have a very strong game call it 15+ each i may be offering the better side of it

So singletary had a decent day as did ertz with goedert going down for a couple weeks and drakes struggles is this still a win to make this trade?

I still think in the long-term yes, because look at Drake’s rushing attempts. He’s averaging between 18-22. That’s workhorse level carries, and his yardage hasn’t been bad he’s just been getting robbed by Murray for goal-line attempts. The touchdowns will come, gotta keep the faith.

I don’t think Singletary’s play will be sustainable as he has the same issue as Drake, with Allen taking away goal-line carries. Ertz does hurt a bit though with Goedert going down, but Wentz is looking awful rn

Yeah im leaning towards still doing it but then that leaves me with hurst and maybe cox as the backup on the squad if i can get him off waivers but it also helps clear a roster spot for damien harris to come off ir but then burkhead goes off so i dont know if hes even gonna be used much.

its atleast not the clear win that it was for me and has me second guessing if i might be giving to much up

Sorry to interrupt. But do you think Kupp and edelman are enough to go after drake? Half ppr league.

I’m from NE and lemme tell you bro, burkhead going off means nothing lol. Pats change gameplans every week and this just happened to be a burkhead week, i wouldn’t be shocked if he gets hurt 2 carries into next weeks game. We all (NE fans) are dying to see Harris take the field because we think Sony is a huge bust, so he’s going to get an opportunity and if he takes it and runs with it (literally) then he could take over lead carry-duties.

With TE’s doing so poorly this week it’s hard to gauge if you can afford to give up Ertz, but with Hurst as your backup in a pass-happy offense i don’t think you could do much better for a TE2

Thinking maybe of offering hurst and singletary and see if he takes that with the poor performance every week from drake trying to buy low

also @Bolingoli no worries the topic is for drake trades if the guy giving drake needs wr bad then you might be ok but otherwise you might need to swap edelman for a rb

His wr2 has been Crowder. Do you think I’m giving up too much depth?
My team is:
Rb: Cook, Jones, montgomery, Gibson and Murray
Wr: Golladay, Kupp, Chark, edelman, aj green and I have deebo coming back from IR
Should I offer montgomery and edelman instead?

if you could get it for monty and edleman i think thatd help your team nicely give you 3 top backs and 3 decent wr1/2
what are the line up requirements

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Thanks for the advice!!

any thoughts on mine?

either hurst and singletary or ertz and singletary if he doesnt take hurst? you think thats still a win for me if its ertz and singletary doubting myself hard on this one

I don’t think singletary and Hurst is enough but you can try. It’s a tough one. I like to have a TE with a safe floor to play every week and ertz is the only healthy receiver in Philly. If you trust Hurst rest of season I would do it.

I dont think it will either but im starting to feel like even with how bad the eagles are im undervaluing ertz as the only healthy weapon. and the TE this year has not produced well so i just dont know what the value of Ertz is now

If i take the trade there is a chance that once harris comes back i have 4 starting rbs and could try to move one of those to upgrade over hurst but thats a risk you never know if another offer will work