Trade for Ertz/D. Johnson

I have solid rb depth now, and want to upgrade at top of rb depth chart. Another owner in my league wants to trade and has both Kelce and Ertz. Given my team (see below), would you trade Dalvin Cook and Corey Davis for David Johnson and Zach Ertz? Might have to throw in Alfred Morris. I am worried I don’t have the wr depth.

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Howard, D. Cook, C. Thompson, L. Mccoy, Alfred Morris
Wr: A. Brown, TY Hilton, Davis, J. Brown, T. Taylor
TE: Njoku

bump. Would love some advice

I would do
Cook - davis - morris for Ertz and DJ

alt would be

Cook - j, Brown - morris
but he might not go there

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Thanks for the advice. You are ok having Hilton as wr2, J. Brown as Wr3 and Tawyan Taylor as wr4?

yes in general

Hilton will not play this week due to a hammy issue

but yes going forward

Brown\hilton\brown would be good 1-2-3

better would be brown\davis\hilton

but don’t think they would go for the other trade

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Agreed. Worth a try though. I’m just worried Njoku has a breakout week and I traded away Davis to have two starting tight ends.