Trade FOR Fournette?

9 keeper dynasty league. I’m stacked at RB and can only keep 4 going into next season.

My RBs: Zeke, Cook, Barkley, Lindsay, K.Johnson, McKinnon (IR).

Fournette owner wanted K.Johnson and Lindsay for Fournette … is that too big of a risk? Should I try and trade him just 1 of those RBs and maybe a WR? Or should I just stay away from Fournette all together?

It is a gamble. But it could def be one worth taking as long as you have a very good Flex option to replace Lindsay/Kerryon’s absence(s) before Fournette is able to return. But Fournette is a good RB to have in keeper, and has demonstrated he can be a top 5 kind of RB in standard scoring especially.

Also, the Jags defensive prowess often places the offense/Fournette in good position to get a lot of touches (when he plays) as they end up in games where they just want to run the clock and not risk turnovers, or in close, low-scoring games where they need to show they can control the line of scrimmage. That all bodes well for Fornette’s usage. But his injuries are a concern in his young career already, unfortunately, so one clearly must bear that in mind when trading away two very talented RB’s like Lindsay and KJ as well.

I may be able to snag him for one of the two RBs, a WR and maybe a mid round pick? Here’s my complete squad:

QB - Tom Brady
RB- Zeke, Cook, Barkley, Lindsay, K.Johnson, McKinnon
WR- AJ Green, Diggs, Fuller, Cooper, Kupp
TE-Kittle, NJoku

Fournette owner also has Watson and Jimmy G … I thought about getting young and grabbing Watson too?


Tom Brady, K.Johnson OR Lindsay, Amari Cooper and a 2nd (11th round) or 3rd (12th round) pick for Deshaun Watson and Leonard Fournette?