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Trade for Gronk and Shady


Would you trade Gurley, Reed, and Sanders for Gronk and McCoy? Standard, redraft league


Yes do it now


In a heartbeat


My only concerns are Gronk and McCoy’s injury history though. Obviously Reed is an injury risk as well, but are the upsides of Gronk and Shady worth the risk of losing them?


There is an injury risk there with Gronk and McCoy, but if you’re looking at it strictly from a value perspective you’ve gotta make that trade. If you do, pick up Tolbert with that extra roster spot as a handcuff for Shady. Just my two cents.


Any player could get hurt at any time. Yeah Gronk and Shady have lengthy injury histories but as you mentioned, Reed definitely isn’t a picture of health. He’s dealing with a fractured toe as we speak. Give me the upside & better players in Gronk & Shady, 2 guys who could win you your league if they do stay healthy