Trade for Gronk-smash?

Got offer Gronk for Collins and Lynch
With this trade my starters are:
RB- Hunt
RB- All packers RBs
Flex - Breida
Bench - K. Johnson, Penny, Yeldon
I feel like it would really thin my Rb corps but TE is really really thin(. Most ppl have 2-4 and mine is currently Dissly) we also play 0.5 per 1st and I feel like that is Gronks specialty.

gronk is a huge difference maker at the TE spot. Hunt will be good to go, packer backfield could be a dart throw each week. i’d bet you start breida there until it gets sorted out.
i’d probably do it, the difference between gronk and the next TE is much bigger than the difference between the starting packer/breida and collins/lynch


I’d probably do it, but I’m a Patriots fan. Gronk on a bad day is still better than every other TE.

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take. take it

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