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Trade for Gronk?


Should I trade Alshon and Eifert for Gronk? 12tm, 0.5 ppr, format 1qb 2rb 2wr 2flx 1te 1dst. WR are AB obj mike Thomas Moncrief Gabriel Perriman other TE are Ertz and Engram. Thx


With your WRs? Hell yes!


get rid of 2 ok players who always get hurt, for one really good player who always gets hurt? im on board with that. and i avoid gronk like he has the plague.


does he have the plague?


The plague is one injury that Gronk has avoided thus far. I consider that a very good sign.


I never have owned Gronk in a league, but it seems like he partied so hard after their super bowl win vs seattle that it took 2 years to recover. lol,


When he is healthy, he can deliver wins for you.

Party on, Gronk.