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Trade for guice


Im trying to get Guice, the guy wants Chubb and C. Kirk. Talk me down…


In a redraft, keeper, dynasty?


dynasty league


See if you can get a WR in return as well. Guice will have immediate impact. Chubb and Kirk are a year or 2 away still. I don’t mind the deal


I guess it all depends on what the rest of your roster looks like… I’d probably not give up two prospects in a dynasty format for a rookie RB, but that’s just me.


My roster is week at RB.


That is K. Johnson


I dont mind the deal tbh. I’d definitely try to get a wr as well, but Guice seems like he’ll contribute right away while the others have competition.


You have a couple of future prospect type guys, so I think moving Chubb wouldn’t be as big a deal - I love Ballage btw.


Same, I think he can really turn into something!


He reminds me of Latavius Murray a little bit with better hands in the passing game. Big back, deceptively fast, silky smooth hands… I don’t think Gore does much and if Drake falters at all, Ballage is a back I could see come on strong as the season wears on.


That is what I was banking on, if anything goes south in Miami at the RB position, he steps right in and produces big numbers


I’m fine with that trade. In fact, I effectively made it (paid more, actually) already this year. I think Guice is easily the 2nd best prospect in this class.


I got it! Thanks for all the input