Trade for Gurley

Full PPR League.
Gurley is on the trading block in my league. They need a solid receiver and so I was thinking of offering Jay Ajayi and A.J. Green to get Todd Gurley and Quincy Enunwa. I would end up with both Kamara and Gurley. How do I come out in this trade. Here’s the rest of my team:

QB: Cousins
RB: Kamara, Ajayi, Brieda, White, Crowell
WR: Green, Cobb, Watkins, Ridley, Brandan Marshall, Doug Baldwin.

I’m not sure you can afford to downgrade from Green to Enunwa. You’re gonna be pretty weak at WR after doing this. I also don’t think the owner would accept this, given Ajayi has barely played and Green may even be an injury problem.

Would the calculus change if it’s full PPR. I made a mistake in saying it was 0.5ppr. I’m 3-0 and they are 0-3 and so they seem a bit desperate.

That trade would be robbery. Gurley and kamara are basically the rb1 and 2 overall. Doesn’t matter if you are rocking a lil less than average wrs. Enunwa looks like he’ll be solid and ajayi doesn’t look special. Aj is nice but no where near the level of gurley

I think it improves your team a little bit overall. Your WR core definitely takes a hit, but really all you’re looking for is 2 to start. I’m comfortable going Breida or White in my flex in full ppr especially if you know you have Kamara & Gurley. You could probably get away with Cobb, Enunwa, Watkins, & Ridley as your wide receivers but none of those are names you’ll feel comfortable rolling out as your #1 receiver. Baldwin is a big X-factor if he can put up top 12 numbers when he’s back on the field.