Trade for Higbee

I am looking for a TE, I was able to get sample off the waiver this morning and put a claim in for Hockenson, someone dropped him today

12 team, full ppr league

Another guy wants Freeman and Woods from me and he has Higbee, do you guys think I can make that trade happen or should I stick with sample and try hockenson?

My team
QB: Stafford, Goff
RB: Taylor, Aaron Jones, Swift, Moss, Devonta Freeman
WRs: Golladay, Woods, Dionate Johnson, Fuller, Preston Williams, Scotty Miller
TE: Sample, Hockenson(if I am able to get him from waivers)

His team:
QB: Minshew, Brees
RBs: Henry, Ekler, Robinson, Malcom Brown, Ronald Jones
WR: Evans, K Allen, Gallup, Shenault, Curtis Samuel
TE: Higbee, Schultz

bump up for advice

The only issue I see, is if you get rid of Woods, you do not have much WR depth after outside of Golladay and Johnson.

Higbee is an upgrade at your TE spot, but you are sacrificing WR depth to get him.

I, personally, would not make the trade, especially for the volatile TE position. However, if you want Higbee bad enough, the trade itself isnt bad.

@recespieces31 you think freeman for Higbee would be enough to make it happen?

probably not on his own, but fuller might be able to get it done, even though he had a bad week. Either way, I’d wait to try and get hockenson first.

I agree with zacattack.

Fuller/Freeman for Higbee could do it. Possibly even adding Moss if you want Higbee bad enough and Higbee owner is playing hard ball.

yeah thanks guys, I’ll wait and see if I get Hockenson tomorrow. If I do I’ll hold out and see how sample and Hockenson do