Trade for Hopkins. Murray or Abdullah?

This league format is challenging. 12 teams with 9 bench spots and three WR spots. With that many teams and spots the waivers are empty.

Considering trying to target Hopkins from a team who just lost Cook. 2 RB spots and I have a bunch of handcuffs (considering how this seasons going). I’m considering offering either Abdullah or Murray for Hopkins. Would you? Which one?? Or None?

It’s definitely worth a shot, Hopkins, he’s been great so far this year and he’s a target monster. If they are short at RB now then they should be interested. I doubt they’d take Abdullah straight up so you’d have to package him. They are more likely to accept Murray straight up.

So then the question who would you rather rest of season? Abdullah or Murray?

If Murray keeps up his current streak things won’t be pretty there. Henry could eat into his load.

Abdullah doesn’t have the past consistency that Murray does but he’s also been getting more touches and really doesn’t have much for competition from Riddick.

who else do you have at RB

This is a PPR league with a QB, three WR spots a TE and two RB plus two flex. No K or def. I’ve got cousins and Wentz. I ended up just grabbing handcuffs because the waiver is so bare with 12 teams and a ton of bench spots.

WR: K. Allen, Fitzgerald, Cobb, Funchess, Travis Benjamin

J. Charles
Aaron Jones
Alex Collins

I think I prefer Murray ROS but the other owner is more likely to want Murray than Abdullah. I think you’d still be fine at RB with abdullah.