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Trade for Hopkins?


12 team league. Full point PPR, .20 per carry…do I do this trade? Start 2 RB, 2WR, Flex

Give McCaffrey and D. Parker
Get Hopkins and Alex Collins or Marquese Lee

Team (minus bench whatever players):

QB: D. Watson, Luck
RB: McCoy, Howard, Martin, McCaffrey
WR: Jordy, Parker, Maclin


Honestly I would you are deep at RB, and this will give you a WR1 aas your WR2.


And always get an RB back I would do Collins, and take the gamble.


I would do this trade. Chances are you very rarely, if ever, play McCaffrey. Meanwhile you instantly upgrade your WR group with a guy that is getting an insane amount of targets. I have no idea why the other owner would do this but I would def hop on it.


Ok, thanks guys. I’ve been a little hesitant to make the deal to be honest. A bit scared that my depth would be basically nothing at that point, but I’d be really heavy on the starters…