Trade for Howard?

Is it worth it trading for Howard? I was offered Howard but don’t know who he wants for him
I already have Kamara Hyde Lynch Lewis AP and Foreman stashed
The league is a full ppr one

It depends on what he’s asking for

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He doesn’t wanna trade anymore lol

Of the RBs I have should I shop any? Or just stay put

someone offered me Howard and evans for my Diggs and a extra piece if that helps

should i take? seems like a good trade for me

Kamara, Hyde, Lynch, & Lewis is a solid group IMO. Hopefully Foreman will hit for you as well. He has a chance to take over that backfield when he returns.

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Yes, what’s the “extra piece”? I don’t understand why the Howard/Evans owner would make that trade

desean jackson

I would make that trade

I might shop AP and see what you can get for him. He might be good now but he will break down through the season. Its already started. I would sell him high while you still can.

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Would u pair up AP and Lewis to try to go after a better RB? If so who’s someone u think I should go for

Yeah you could definitely do that. I might try and go after sony michel if you can still get him after last night. You could probably get kerryon johnson as well if you believe he can take over.