Trade for Hunt (Chubb manager)

Full PPR 14 team. Hunt manger is needy all over.

After this week should I try and get Hunt to protect Chubb? Just lost Barkley as well. Or would this be an over reaction trade?

QB - Kyler and Goff
RB - Chubb, Gibson, Robinson, Bell, Harris
WR - Adams, Woods, Lamb, Cooks, Shenault
TE - Thomas

Single QB and TE rosters.

Bumping for views, the week 2 tilt is real

Honestly if I lost Barkley I would ride or die with what I have left. Getting hunt would leave you with more holes. Last year I gave up Chark to get Alexander Mattison incase Dalvin Cook went down… worked out well until Mattison went down the same week :joy: I’d wait and see how they play this week before I’d panic. If Robinson and Gibson turn out to be rb1s you have nothing to worry about. It’ll be a good team if that’s the case

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