Trade for Hunt/Ware

Hi guys!

I’ve been propose a trade (Standard format)
I get Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware. I must send Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper the other way.

My RB corp: Zeke, Mixon, Jones, Penny, Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray.
My WR corp: AB, Michael Thomas and Cooper.

I’m a bit hesitant because I’m in a bad situation in week 12 where Hunt/Ware is on bye

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I wouldnt accept this especially with the RBs you have already

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Thanks for the Quick respons!
There has been a development i negationations however, i might be able to get Carson, too. Would That change Your opinion?

Dude is absolutely trying to bone you. Wouldn’t even consider it even with Carson added if I were you. Aaron Jones and Mixon are both RB1s ROS and Cooper is on the rise. Hold steady with what you got

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No point to accept this with your depth. You could use the WR help if something happens to one of your top 2 and your RB’s are fine. Personally I try and trade Cook for another solid WR

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Dalvin Cook seems impossible to trade, he has very low value at the time being, he won’t “shines” until atleast week 12 i guess since his tough matchup this week and he has a BOSS playoff schedule and i would rather start him over Mixon/Jones at the time :slight_smile: And I’m as good as locked for the playoffs :slight_smile:

I hear you but no way I start him over Mixon or Jones with how both are playing regardless of matchup just my opinion

I think i formulated it wrong, I mean in the playoffs i would start him over them. But the coming weeks, no. Cook needs to gain my trust again before going back in to the line-up

No i got it you would start Cook in the playoff matchups over those 2 and I completely disagree I’d never start him over Mixon or Jones at any point rest of season

Well I’m bullish on Jones, too. Very bullish. But putting him in the line-up @Bears in a divisional match-up seems like an ugly situation :sweat_smile: