Trade for J. Robinson or roll with Waiver?

12 team - Full PPR. I am looking to upgrade at the RB position. My team is:

QB - Wentz (probably stream from now on - Minshew’s next few weeks look good)
RB - Sanders (Injured?), Mostert, Gibson (unknown?), C. Thompson (droppable), Duke Johnson (unknown at this time)
WR - Adams, Chark Jr., Crowder, Jones Jr., B. Edwards (droppable)
TE - Waller, Jarwin (droppable)

Is James Robinson worth trading for? The waiver will be hot for M. Brown and J. Kelley. Should I try and pick up P. Barber? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks Footclan

Brown looks like a fill in guy until LA gets Akers going, Kelly looked good but i think Eckler will be getting the ball more, and Barber looked good this week but what is the split going to be like their. You could try targeting Robinson but i wouldn’t give a lot up for him. For pickups my order would go; #1 Barber (Could get a bigger role), #2 Brown (Looks like he will be getting some work for the next couple of weeks), #3 Kelly (Im eckler gets hurt or he gets a lot of work)