Trade (For James Conner)

A person in my league offered me trade as follows

I Give up:
Josh Gordon, Tevin Coleman, Devon Funchess

He Gives Up:
Royce Freeman, James Conner, Keelan Cole

Im a Bell owner as well. My other backs are Gurley, Carson, and Crowell. And my receivers are: Diggs, Robinson, Fuller, Cooks and Watkins.

Is this a good trade as a back up for bell sitting out?

I think i like it, it gives you security as the bell owner and i’m a big keelan cole as a sleeper fan.

Your WR’s aren’t fantastic with you losing Gordon and Funchess but not bad enough to panic,

I think this is one of the few “Connor” trades i’ve seen that i actually like.

Yeah I like this trade a lot! Do it!!

Thats what i was think. I feel like my backs can make up for the lack of receivers. I also have Calvin ridley who might turn out to be a great pick.

Thats what i was thinking, probably going to accept.